Two more Trials Teams to be decided today!!!

Sit right back in your own living room and turn on TSN today and you’ll be able to watch two more teams qualify for the Roar of the Rings in Edmonton. Today at 12:30 PST you will see the number one seeded Kelly Scott team take on seventh seeded Crystal Webster out of Edmonton.  Scott is looking like she is determined to show her team’s strengths that gained them a World championship a few years back.  Team Webster is looking to make their biggest splash this season after having won some see-saw battles against Holland, Middaugh and Homan. On the men’s side you will see Jeff Stoughton versus Pat Simmons.  Both teams have been looking unbelievable here in Prince George.  Stoughton is coming off a game against Mike McEwen that was an extreemely entertaining and well played game (McEwen lost and shot 92%).   Team Stoughton is looking like a big contender.  Simmons, after switching their line-up at the end of last year, may have found a winning combination.   Pat, himself, is looking very tough to beat. Unfortunately there is a touch side to this event, that being that only four teams, of both genders, get to move on.   The first teams elimanated were on the women’s side of things and those were:  Eve Belisle and Michelle Englot. So far the ice conditions and rocks have been superb.  Hats off to Hans Wutrich and Dave Merklinger for the work they have done thus far and will try to duplicate in both Edmonton, for the Trials, and Vancouver for the Olympics.