Only a few weeks to go!! Preparation, Preparation!!

We now sit with less then a month to go before the first game at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics!  Most of you reading this will already know where both teams have been…..Bernard has went over to Europe to play in a big women’s event over there and Team Martin has had one Slam and one Skins event, with another Slam starting today. Both teams are trying to keep preparation and peaking as a key focus to their daily and weekly schedules.  As you can only imagine the impending Olympic games adds some stress, both good and bad, to their mental toughness.  Without giving too much away be well aware that they have their schedules well planned and have worked with a number of experts in the field in doing so! Daily these teams are hitting the ice while trying to maintain some curl-life balance.   There are a number of little things to get sorted out prior to departure – media, family and work.   The entire curling contingent, yours included, are heading to Vancouver the final weekend of January to get a trial run at things such as our accommodations, driving routes, venues and team dynamics.  There are a few surprises in store for the teams while there but mostly it is a chance to get their mind focused on Vancouver! The torch ran through Calgary yesterday, my home, and it truly was a wake-up call that the games are getting close.  What a feeling it was seeing the flame run through your own city and knowing that in only a matter of weeks we will all be a part of something bigger – cheering on our Canadian athletes in pursuit of their dreams. I’ll be in touch, Paul