House Call: Why the Heck Should I Shoot a Turkey?

‘Tis the season of the Turkey Shoot (or skills competition for those sensitive to the fate of fowl). Many clubs will offer an evening or afternoon social where curlers can come together for some good old fashioned fun. Here’s how your average Turkey Shoot will work (don’t worry you need not bring a shotgun!): Curlers will arrive at the club and pay (usually about $2 per attempt) to play off against a flight of other curlers (usually 8) for a turkey. Each curler in the flight will have between 2 – 4 chances at a particular shot (could be a hit and stick, a draw to the button, a raise, a double take-out). They will be marked by where their rock lands. The person with the highest score in the flight will win a turkey. Curlers can then go back inside and sign up for another attempt either at the same or a different shot. They can also opt to have a libation in the lounge and watch the fun unfold as people come and go with their turkeys. You may wonder why you, as a beginner, would want to play in a skills-based competition. There are several reasons; it’s a fun, social event, it’s cheap entertainment, even if you think you’re not skilled enough… you are (trust me!) and you just might win a turkey. Another great reason to join in the fun is the sense of community. Turkey shoots bring everyone in a curling club (or curling centre) together for a common reason. Participation within your club (even if you’re new) is what curling is all about. If you’re nervous about going bring a buddy or even your whole team. Even if you do end up attending by yourself I guarantee there will be people you know or recognize who’d love to show you the ropes and maybe have a bevie with you afterwards (even if you win the turkey they had their eye on!) So don’t be shy, socials like the Turkey Shoot are what makes curling so great. Join in the fun, be part of your curling community. Watch next week for more beginner tips.