Day 2 – Team Canada at the 2011 Capital One WWCC

The Opening Banquet for the Capitol One World Women’s Curling Championships was held at the spectacular Music House on the harbour in Esbjerg, Denmark. The unique structure was designed by the Danish architect who also created the famous Sydney Opera House. Since a forest of birch trees was sacrificed to the building of the Music House, the design showcases the spirit of the trees in rows of dramatic  white lit columns.

Gold Statues

Greeted by golden female curling “statues” that were in fact real women painted gold, the evening featured an introduction of the competing teams and official greetings from the organizing committee, the Mayor of Esjberg and the World Curling Federation. Amber, Kim, Tammy, Heather and Jolene of Team Canada wasted no time in endearing themselves to the dignitaries by mingling and introducing themselves to WCF representatives, local organizing committee members and fellow athletes. Team Canada is enjoying sampling the Danish cuisine, which includes anything you could think of placed on a open-faced sandwich, but remain cautious in trying anything that strays too far from their specially designed meal plan. Team Canada includes the five athletes, Coach Merv Fonger, National Coach/Team Leader Elaine Dagg-Jackson and CCA consultant coach Rob Krepps. Follow Team Canada on Twitter @4footcurling and @Jr_campbell