Playoff situation a little clearer with one draw to go

Following the conclusion of Draw 15 (2:30pm Thursday, March 24), the playoff scenarios for both men and women at the 2011 World Financial Group Canadian Senior Championships in Digby, NS is a bit clearer.

Newfoundland & Labrador Sweepers (Photo by Thian Carman)

Heidi Hanlon of NB finished the round robin at 9-2 and is guaranteed second place. Should Ontario’s Joyce Potter win tonight’s match-up with Sandy Penkala of the Northwest Territories, the Ottawa skip will advance to Saturday’s final by virtue of her round robin win over Hanlon. A Potter loss and Hanlon will be in the final. Saskatchewan’s Delores Syrota can finish alone in third place with a victory over Nancy Delahunt of the home province. However, a NS win in that game will cause a three way for third at 7-4 with Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Alberta. Diane Foster finished the round robin at 7-4. Rankings for the women’s tie-breakers will be decided by the total distance of 10 of the 11 draws to the button played by each during the round robin. In the men’s section, MB’s Kelly Robertson has the  bye to the final. NL’s Jeff Thomas can finish alone in second with a win over Robertson tonight. SK’s Brad Heidt can make a tie-breaker with Alberta with a win over NS’s Scott Saunders. However, an NL loss and a Sask win will have three teams tied for second. Because Alberta defeated both NL and SK, they will be awarded second and the other two will play a tie-breaker for third place. A Saskatchewan loss will mean NL and AB will finish either 2nd or 3rd respectively depending on the NL result. Final round action is tonight at 7:30 pm.