Our Capital One Rocks & Rings Experience: Copeland PS

The Rocks & Rings Program is ground-breaking, exciting, engaging, active and educational program our students could not get enough of.

The Capital One Rocks & Rings Program in Action

The Capital One Rocks & Rings Program not only taught our  students an understanding of curling terms like (house, rocks, button, WHOA and HURRY) but also connected them to the math within the scoring of the game, to the speed/rate at which to send the rock towards the house. The students learn to look at the surface of the ice (the floor of your gym) and check for dust/dirt/obstacles that may tamper with their rocks results. As some of the students mention, “the gym floor will be very clean today after all this sweeping”. Students make decisions throughout the various activities to how much force their curling rock needs to make it to the button or knock out an opponent’s rock from the house. Staying active and having fun are the key elements to the WHOA and HURRY game. This is the second year our school has participated in the Capital One Rocks & Rings program and we can’t wait to find out what is in store for next year. What a fabulous time had by all abilities, ages and stages at our school! We were ROCKED by this incredibly innovative program which allowed our students’ exposure to one of Canada’s leading sports. The Physical Education Staff of Copeland Public School (Jennifer Cuthbertson, Cheryl Neves and Lise Ouellette)