House Call: Christmas Gifts for the Curler in Your Life

If you’re having trouble finding gifts for the curler in your life this year, look no further for great ideas. It is important to have a sense of what your curler already owns. Once you know that, the rest is a snap! Here are some suggestions you simply cannot go wrong with: Private Lessons The gift of a private lesson with a curling instructor is a great idea for curlers of all levels. There is always room to improve and a lesson is a great way to have someone objectively look at your slide. You may even want to purchase two lessons so that your curler can schedule a follow-up a few weeks after the first lesson. Mid-Season Equipment Upgrade

If you really want to treat your curler, buy tickets to a championship event - like the Tim Hortons Brier, where these fans were clearing having a great time! (Photo Michael Burns)

Christmas falls right in the middle of the curling season, which means it’s a great time to check equipment and replace anything not in good shape. It’s a safe bet that the curler in your life is due for a new gripper. Even if they’re not due it’s always good to have back up for when it does start to fall apart. You could also include a replacement broom head with the gripper. Be sure to check the type of broom used so you purchase the correct replacement head. Tickets to a Major Curling Event It’s always a treat to watch a curling event live in an arena with its amazing atmosphere of energy and buzz. Check the Canadian Curling Association’s website for information about which championship event is where and when. Gift Card for Curling Club Lounge Curling is all about having fun with friends. Having a drink after each game with your teammates and your opposition is a tradition. Even a $20 gift card will cover a jug of beer and a few chicken wings. Everybody knows nothing puts a smile on the face of a curler faster than a jug of beer! So get out there, get shopping, and make a curler happy. Merry Christmas!