World Financial Group Continental Cup – In the event of a tie

There is a possibility that, pending the outcome of tonight’s (5:00 pm PT/8:00 pm ET, live on TSN and RDS) 55-point Men’s Skins game between North America (skip Jeff Stoughton) and Team World (skip Thomas Ulsrud), both sides could wind up tied with 200 points apiece. Currently, Team World holds a 200-145 lead. However, should Stoughton take all of the available points in tonight’s final, then both sides would have 200 points. In this case, it has been agreed by the Canadian Curling Association, World Curling Federation, United States Curling Association and the respective team captains and coaches, that, similar to the Ryder Cup rules in golf, North America would retain the Continental Cup Trophy as the defending champion (from 2011). However, the $52,000 prize to the winning side and the $26,000 prize to the losing side would be split equally among the 52 competitors (48 curlers, plus two coaches and two captains). The side winning tonight’s Skins game, though, would still receive the additional $13,000 prize being offered to the winner.