Capital One Rocks & Rings: The kids said it!

Over the past few years many of our instructors can tell you some great lines students have said while they are instructing. We have compiled a list of some of our favourite ones to share. After describing that the rings in the ice are called the house our instructor pointed to the “button” and asked the students if they knew what this was called? Response: “The kitchen, it is in the centre of my house”.

Capital One Rocks & Rings Program (Photo: Abbey Darnley)

While teaching the kids to sweep we get a lot of comments similar to this. Response: “Will we be the janitor today then?” A teacher mentioned that they would be curling in the school today. Response: “How are they going to bring ice to our school?” The instructor mentions we are now at the point we are going to get to throw the rocks. Response: “I will get in trouble if I throw rocks, I don’t want to be grounded again.” The class is wrapping up when a young girl comes over to talk to the instructor. Response: “This isn’t like real curling because I am much better than this and can sweep my rocks into the house”. One of our favourites this year was at a school near Barrie: When Sherry & Wayne Middaugh’s daughter is asked after the program how many Scotties Titles has your mom won? Response: “5 I think?” How many times has your Dad Wayne been to the Brier? Response: “Um….2?” I guess we know the favourite curler in that family. There have been hundreds of classic funny lines, some we remember others we don’t. It truly is exciting to hear what will come out of these inquiring minds next. Check out for more information on our program.