Junior Women reflect on their World Championship experience

Canada’s junior women’s curling team – Red Deer’s Jocelyn Peterman, Brittany Tran, Rebecca Konschuh and Kristine Anderson – finished the week-long World Junior Curling Championship in Oestersund, Sweden, on Friday with a tie-breaker loss to Russia. The players and National Team Coach Melissa Soligo reflect on the experience of representing Canada on the international curling stage.

Jocelyn Peterman, skip of Team Canada at the 2012 World Junior Curling Championships (Photo Richard Gray/WCF)

“It’s hard to believe the week at the World Juniors is over,” says Soligo. “Some would say that Team Canada Junior Women went home without a prize.  I would say different.  These young women are truly remarkable people.  They may not have a medal around their necks, but they go home with a unique experience and about 90 new friends.” Soligo asked the players to explain what they will take away from their experience at the World Championships: Rebecca:  “It was phenomenal.  The experience we gained, the friendships we made, the shirts we got will last a lifetime.” Brittany: “It was an amazing experience that I will treasure forever.  I have so many memories of people we have met.” Kristine: “It was amazing: friendships and experience of curling against world teams and learning how to deal with different situations.” Jocelyn: “It was good. We didn’t get the result we wanted but we had fun and made a lot of new friends and gained a lot of experience.”

Brittany Tran, Rebecca Konschuh and Kristine Anderson in action at the 2010 World Junior Curling Championships (Photo Richard Gray/WCF)

“No one can ever understand what it is like to be here and represent Canada unless you have done it before,” says Soligo.  “It seems that there is extra pressure on Team Canada, and other teams gun to beat the Maple Leaf.  However, when things don’t go as planned, you can crumble as a team, or you can stand proud of the accomplishment you have achieved.  You can cherish each and every moment from the experience and you can go home a proud Canadian”. The team was asked to describe their most unforgettable memory: Kristine: “Coming to Sweden with the Alberta men’s team and being here with family and making Canada proud no matter where we ended up.” Jocelyn: “Opening ceremonies, walking out in front of everyone with the maple leaf on your back and realizing you are what people are there to watch.” Rebecca: “Having all of our parents and family in the stands at every game cheering us on no matter where we were or what we were playing for.  Very appreciative of all our family and friends back home and our coaches Nancy and Melissa for all the help they gave us.”

Norway's Sander Rølvåg and Canada's Jocelyn Peterman (Photo Richard Gray/WCF)

Brittany: “A young girl, Lisa, being the biggest Canadian fan and a volunteer, Suzanne, who gave us amazing encouragement after we lost and congratulated us for our accomplishments, and the support from the boys [Canadian Junior Men’s team] and our family.” As for coach Soligo: “What is my best experience here? Being with a great group of young women, and sharing a coaching bench with Coach Nancy McInerey and Fifth Player Nadine Chyz.  Together we created a support team like no other.  And that is also what it means to be Canadian.” An accomplishment worth noting: The junior men’s team – Edmonton’s Brendan Bottcher, Evan Asmussen, Landon Bucholz and Bryce Bucholz defeated Sweden to win the gold medal on Sunday afternoon. Also winning a medal was Team Canada junior women’s skip, Jocelyn Peterman. Peterman and Sander Rølvåg, lead on the Norwegian junior men’s team, were presented with the 2012 World Curling Federation World Junior Sportsmanship Awards. Peterman and Rølvåg were selected for the award by fellow players at this year’s World Junior Curling Championships in Östersund, Sweden. All participants at the World Juniors were invited to nominate a fellow competitor who, in their view, best exemplified the traditional values of skill, honesty, fair play, sportsmanship and friendship during the event.

Canadian Junior Men's and Women's teams and coaches celebrate their participation in the 2012 World Junior Curling Championships (Photo Scott Arnold)