Curling’s “Hurry Hard” Moves from the Ice to Penticton’s Triathlon

Volunteers for the 2013 World Financial Group Continental Cup of Curling were there to support the more than 2,600 athletes who competed in the 30th annual Penticton Ironman Canada competition August 26.

More than 70 volunteers came out to help at the South Okanagan Events Centre-sponsored Yellow Lake Aid Station for Subaru Ironman 2012. Among them was Continental Cup Medical Volunteer Chris Pond. (Photo December Foster )

The Yellow Lake Aid station situated in the South Okanagan Events Centre was home base for the WFG Continental Cup crew who provided assistance to the athletes in the course of the challenging race. “Ironman was a blast,” notes Laura Hunt, Marketing Manager for the South Okanagan Events Centre and coordinator of the aid station.  “Lots of athletes hurried hard by us… thanks to the WFG Host Committee for providing volunteers, especially Chris Pond who was a great resource.” “The biggest thing was, I encouraged them to keep going, made sure they were stable and kept them in the race,” comments Pond who was on site as a medical volunteer.  “One woman had suffered a bike crash and was very upset… this is where my experience as an athlete really came in handy.  I just told her you can do this.  I know your bike is damaged but you CAN get down off this mountain… and she did.” Pond will serve in a similar volunteer capacity when the World Financial Group Continental Cup takes over the arena January 10-13 to host one of the most prestigious events in international curling. It was the final running of the Subaru Ironman Canada triathlon which will be replaced next year by the Challenge Penticton Triathlon. The race got underway at 6:45 am in the chilly waters of Okanagan Lake for the 3.8 swim, followed by the 180 km bike race that wound throughout the South Okanagan and finishing up with the 42.2 km run to Okanagan Falls and back. The men’s competition was won by Matthew Russell of Scottsdale, Arizona. Penticton’s Ollie Piggin placed second while Christian Brader of Germany finished third. Gillian Clayton of Vancouver was the women’s champion followed by Karen Thibodeau of North Vancouver and Janelle Morrison of Penticton. “You Gotta Be There” when the biggest names in the curling world compete for the 2013 World Financial Group Continental Cup of Curling.  Reserve your seat in the South Okanagan Events Centre right now by clicking here.