Ontario’s Rajala & Manitoba’s Fowler Win Tiebreakers

Given a second life at the end of the round robin when PEI lost a game that would have eliminated Rajala, the Rideau CC squad from Ottawa ended Rod MacDonald’s hopes of winning this championship in his home province. Although PEI had the hammer to start the game, Rajala reeled off steals of one in the first two ends and then stole deuces in each of the 3rd and 4th ends. MacDonald managed a solitary single in the 5th and then watched as Rajala took four in the 6th to end the game 10-1. Rajala will now face Alberta’s Wade White in tonight’s semi final at 6:00pm EST. The winner will then face New Brunswick’s Wayne Tallon for the championship on Sunday at 10:00am EST. Quebec’s Catherine Derick suffered a painful loss to BC in the final round that would have avoided the tiebreaker in the first place and she would suffer the same fate in the tiebreaker. She had the hammer coming home but once again it was messy and she missed a difficult angle double for the win giving up a steal of two and a 7-5 win for Fowler. Fowler will meet Alberta’s Deb Santos at 1:30pm EST in the women’s semi final. The winner will face Colleen Pinkney of Nova Scotia for the championship on Sunday at 10:00am EST. Final results can be found at here. The list of teams participating in this seniors championships can be found here. Statistics for previous games played in the round robin can be found here.