A Special Message from Brad Jacobs

My love of curling started in my childhood. I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where my whole family curled. The Soo Curlers Association was like a second home for me. I hung out there. I found my role models there. And I felt the sport of curling test every fibre of my being, teaching me the value of never giving up.
(Photo CCA/Michael Burns)

(Photo CCA/Michael Burns)

Curling is part of the fabric of Canadian life – from small towns to big cities. You’ve probably noticed how it brings people together … kids, adults, grandparents, entire communities. Yet in some communities, curling clubs are struggling to survive and face the very real risk of shutting down. That’s exactly what happened in Wynyard, Saskatchewan – a town that lost its curling club for six long years. You may have read that story earlier this week. The story of its rebirth and what a gift it was for the community is truly inspiring. And the Canadian Curling Association (CCA) and curling enthusiasts like you are a vital part of that story. I’d like to ask you to show your love of curling by joining  our family of donors with a gift of $10, $50, $75 or more to the For the Love of Curling program. This is your chance to help more curling clubs get back on strong footing so they can thrive. So they can bring their communities together, united in the joy of our spectacular sport. The CCA, the sole national governing body of curling in Canada, is here for you and me, working to see curling grow and take even deeper roots across Canada – across all generations. With that goal in mind, last year the CCA gave out $255,000 in 26 grants to help local curling clubs and associations. That’s a tremendous boost for communities, but here’s the flipside: It wasn’t enough. The CCA actually received applications for almost $1 million in funding needs. They simply had to turn down some clubs that needed help to grow and become sustainable.

You can change that.

The CCA wants to say “Yes!” to more communities so they don’t lose their clubs like Wynyard did. Through its Curling Assistance Program (CAP), the CCA can help clubs grow and update aging facilities. They just need your help. Any amount you can manage would go so far. So I hope I can count on you to join me in building passion for the sport and helping Canadian curlers and clubs be all they can be. Thank you for sharing a passion for curling with me. That’s a passion the CCA shares with us too. We all want the same thing…to grow a sport that is nothing short of amazing. Keep curling in the hearts of Canadians with your generous donation. Let’s do it together, for the love of curling. Thank you!   B Jacobs signature       Brad Jacobs Team Canada Skip P.S. With a gift over $75 you’ll receive a special commemorative pin to mark your impact on a deeply loved Canadian sport. Please give today, for the love of curling!