Rocks & Rings: Kelly Scott gets kids curling

British Columbia curling star Kelly Scott recently got a chance to volunteer at her son’s school with the Capital One Rocks & Rings program. She not only brought curling to his school but also later got on the ice with his classmates. Here is her story. My son Nash started kindergarten this year and I really wanted to expose the children at his school to the wonderful sport of curling. I have been watching the Rocks & Rings commercial air for the past five years and was ready to take my experience to the program. I was impressed at how easy it was to line this program up for his school. I presented the idea at one of the PAC meeting to the parents and school principal, received great interest from them all, and submitted an application form to the Rocks & Rings program. They contacted the school directly to arrange a specific date and schedule with the different classes. After that I met the Rocks & Rings instructors with all of their equipment in the gym on the arranged day.
(Photo courtesy Kelly Scott)

(Photo courtesy Kelly Scott)

We had so much fun with the different students, who were so eager to learn about curling. They received a variety of curling rules and strategy to introduce them to curling. The rocks that the kids use in the gym are wonderful and their eyes would light up when it was their turn to slide them across the gym floor. The teachers loved the experience as they all have generally tried curling or have watched it on TV. It was great to hear the kids expressing their interest in watching curling on television now too. Nash’s classmates were excited to tell their parents when they got home that they got to try curling! After the Rocks & Rings experience in the gym, some parents at the school got together at the Kelowna Curling Club for the kids to try curling on the ice. A fun Christmas party for the adults and a learning experience for the kids – fun was had by all! Even Nash’s hockey buddies are asking to try curling too! It’s exciting to see all of this interest in our wonderful sport, and the Rocks & Rings program is hopefully just the beginning for all of these Little Rockers. I’m glad to have experienced and initiated this program for my son’s school!
First the gym floor, then the ice for Kelly Scott and the kids at her son's school (Photo K. Scott)

First the gym floor, then the ice for Kelly Scott and the kids at her son’s school (Photo K. Scott)