Curling Classifieds / Career Opportunity: Ice Technician, Granite Club (Toronto)

Career Opportunity: Ice Technician, Granite Club (Toronto)

To work with facilities team to deliver quality ice for the curling membership and guests that meets or exceeds expectations.

•Acts as liaison between the Curling Manager and the In House Ice Technicians. Provide a daily checklist based on Member feedback and personal observation of the curling ice conditions and space environmental conditions.
•Work with Afternoon Ice Technicians to prepare ice for evening Curling.
•Work with Skating Ice Technician in preparing the Ice for the season and removal at the end of the season.
•Liaise with the Curling Manager regarding condition of ice and Member feedback and document for sharing with office and ice staff.
•To work with the curling management staff and the curling maintenance staff to develop an integrated team.
•Monitor shed and ice conditions and make needed adjustment to the ice plant Cimco 5000 control system.
•Liaise with the Cimco technician on their weekly service visits as well as maintenance and repairs.
•Assist Skating Ice technicians as required.
•Perform preventative maintenance on curling ice equipment and ice plant.
•May be be asked to attend Curling Section meetings as required for updates on ice conditions
•Other Facilities duties as assigned.

All employees have a responsibility to ensure that the club is a healthy and safe environment. Employees must:
•Work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act regulations and the Club’s Health and Safety policies and procedures.
•Use or wear any equipment, protective devices or clothing required by the club.
•Report to your manager/supervisor any known equipment or protective device that may be dangerous, missing, or defective.
•Report any known workplace hazard or violation of the Act or regulations to your manager/supervisor.
•Report all accidents, illness, or “near miss” incidents to your manager/supervisor immediately.
•Do not remove or disable any protective device.
•Handle hazardous substances according to the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System regulations.
•Work safely and not use or operate any equipment in a way that may endanger any worker.
•Do not engage in any prank, contest, feat of strength, running or rough and boisterous conducts which may jeopardize their safety or the safety and well-being of others.
•Work in compliance with the OHSA, specifically section 28.

•Minimum Level 2 Ice Technician Certification
•Private Club Experience
•Working knowledge of the CIMCO ice plant control system is an asset.
•Excellent public relations, interpersonal and communications skills.
•Current CPR/First aid training.
•Good planning and organizational skills.
•Enthusiasm vision and Teamwork

Please send resumes to Adam Thompson at [email protected].
Deadline: September 14, 2018