Career Opportunity: Curling Coordinator

The Curling Coordinator reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer while working with the Curling Advisory Committee Chair and curling section chairs to ensure that all draws and curling events are well organized and run smoothly. The Curling Coordinator works closely with the ice making team as well as being actively involved with ice making duties, runs the pro shop, keeps the curling website current and contributes actively to Curling Committee meetings. As part of the responsibilities the position includes promoting and marketing our curling program to our members and potential members. The position exists from approximately September 15th to the end of April based on curling schedule. Day, evening and weekend availability requires flexibility in order to meet the needs of each section.

The Curling Services Coordinator promotes the enjoyment of curling by:

• Providing excellent and personable service to members and guests;
• Providing expertise in the organization of curling draws and curling events;
• Maintaining an organized, well stocked pro shop responsive to members needs;
• Being a knowledgeable source about club/section policies, Curl Ontario & Curling Canada & rules of play and other aspects related to on-ice play;
• Communicating to the curling sections through maintenance of the section draw boards, the curling website and local media notifications;
• Having excellent verbal and personal communication skills;
• Developing the annual curling membership roster;
• Organizes Opening and Championship events.

Hours of Work:

It is understood that the demands of the position will require differing work hours / days each week and the position is based on a 44 hour work week.

Key Qualifications / Tasks of Position:

• Coordinating Club Leagues, developing draws, updating results / standings and making teams as required. Attention to detail on the draws (dates/time/sheets) is very important. Must be aware of curling rules of play and able to assist if required on specific rules of the various curling sections.
• Assist with Volunteer Committee recruitment as required fulfilling various needs throughout the year.
• Excellent self-starter with strong organization skills and very motivated to continuous improvement.
• Coordinate Learn to Curl Programs and skill development clinics. An asset is having the ability to teach curling and/or willing to undertake training.
• Communications
o Key Ambassador for the curling program at Cataraqui so great communication skills are required. The Curling Coordinator will have a good curling background and is an enthusiastic positive person.
o Marketing Skills
 Social Media
 Website
 Email
 Internal bulletin boards
 Creative marketing of the club for outside curling events to introduce companies, individuals to the club thereby optimizing facility usage. Presentations will require the development of marketing materials to promote the club.
o Active Participant at various marketing events to promote curling at Cataraqui.
• High computer skills
• Physically able to handle long days at time and be prepared for Ice Making duties as required.
• Manage Curling Proshop
• Coordinate Ice Making Schedule
• Attend Curling Advisory Committee meetings, prepare agendas, complete minutes, and follow up on action items.
• Bonspiels are an important part of the club however in many cases bonspiels do not have many teams from Cataraqui. As such, the role of the Curling Services Coordinator should be as a supporting element to the organizing committee and not as the organizer of the event nor the drawmaster.

Specific Requirements Associated With In-House Draws

1. At the beginning of each season, assist with Open House activities and collate and list teams/individuals/spares who have registered to participate in specific categories.
2. Communicate frequently with section heads/draw chairs to determine draws and ice requirements for the upcoming year.
3. Have names available according to ratings, for the 1st draw skip’s meeting (if utilized) of each club section. The flight sections assist in determining the ranking of the teams.
4. In consultation with each section where applicable, develop draws. Post draw sheets, lists of teams, spares and point score sheets on the section draw boards and the website.
5. Ensure score sheets are kept current.
6. Two weeks before the end of each “Club Draw” assist in identifying curlers available for the next draw, those who wish to spare and those not available.
7. At the end of the 1st draw, assist in determining the winners and/or playoffs. If required, develop and post a playoff schedule.
8. Send the names of the winners to the specified media.
9. Repeat # 3 to 8 as required for each section throughout the curling year.
10. Identify the communication process for adjusting ice availability due to cancellations.
11. During the year, work with each section to accommodate and promote any special events.
12. Upon completion of the last draw in each section, assist the sections to
determine who is eligible and available for playoffs and identify the teams. Post
playoff rules, the teams and the schedule.
13. For the final championship event(s), develop a schedule, ensure all trophies are
ready and chair the event if required. Book a piper if needed.
14 At the conclusion of the curling events, ensure all trophies are engraved and
returned to the display cabinet.

Other tasks

1. Organize, order and stock the pro shop. Sell stock and keep financial records.
2. Assist section chairs with budgets (as required);
3. Market, Sell, Promote and Book and coordinate ice rentals including deposits and payments and when necessary refer in-house food and beverage needs. Provide assistance to ensure the enforcement of safety precautions.
4. Contribute to the monthly newsletter.

Tasks Associated with Club Sponsored Bonspiels

1. Assist with draw setup as required.
2. Ensure that all trophies are ready for presentation.
3. If required, be present during the event.
4. Assist the event chair in other duties as necessary.

Contact: Daniel Beauregard – [email protected]