National Training Centre

Housed at the prestigious Glencoe Club in Calgary, the National Training Centre (NTC) supports 30 full-time athletes training on some of the best curling club ice in the world. Headed up by Curling Canada national coach Paul Webster, the teams and athletes are provided access to some of the world’s best technology in the sport of curling while having world-class playing conditions on a daily basis.

Visiting teams and coaches are invited to stop by, whether at a coaching session set up by the NTC or simply when your team finds itself in Calgary. Ice can be rented through The Glencoe Club as well, as long as you’re working with one of the NTC coaches.

The National Training Centre exists to develop programs, technology and teaching/coaching resources, which will benefit the Canadian curling community in all aspects of coaching and instruction. The funding partners for the NTC are Curling Canada, Own The Podium and Sport Canada. The NTC offers a full range of expertise, evaluative equipment, professional support services and resources. If you and your team are interested in paying a visit email Paul Webster at [email protected] to see how the NTC can help you out.

In the 2014-2015 season we are proud to host Canada’s first men’s Team Canada at the Tim Hortons Brier, Team John Morris, along with 2014/2010 Tim Hortons Brier champion skip and 2010 world champion skip Kevin Koe and his new team.

How to Contact the National Training Centre

Mailing Address:
National Training Centre
636-29 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB
T2S 0P1
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 403-837-3727