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Taking Your BEST Fan Cutout Photo!

1. NO SELFIES. And, ONE FAN per picture—photos of two or more people will not be used.

2. SOCIAL DISTANCING is very important! Ask your friend to stand 4 feet away while taking your photo.

3. Have your photo taken in a space with GOOD LIGHTING. And, try to avoid white clothing on white backgrounds. We want your fan cutout to really stand out in the crowd!

4. Ensure NO CORPORATE BRANDS are visible on your clothing or accessories. Photos with corporate banding or logos will either not be accepted or will be altered to remove/blur any logos.

5. Smile BIG and please make sure you are directly facing the camera ☺

6. Your file size should be at least 1MB. If your file is smaller, just keep in mind the image may appear blurry and not as crisp as it looks on your computer screen.

7. Using your ORDER NUMBER as the email subject line, send your photo and any questions to [email protected]