Youth Scholarships


The For the Love of Curling Scholarship Program is intended for young Canadian athletes who excel in curling, maintain a good level of academic standing, and demonstrate a strong commitment to their community through leadership volunteer activities. The purpose is to give talented junior curling student athletes the support to pursue their curling and academic dreams.

It’s thanks to the generous support of the curling community across Canada, including the Governor General’s Curling Club Members, that we can play this collective role in supporting the next generation of passionate, talented, and caring curlers.

Each year, eleven scholarships, one of which is presented by the Governor General’s Curling Club, and each valued at $2,500, are awarded to student curling athletes who have been accepted into a post-secondary education program.

The 2024 scholarship program will be open for submissions on May 1, 2024




“Being a role model for younger curlers is important because they are the future of the sport. Having someone to look up to, who comes from the same place and achieved what you dream about is important in the early stages of development. I hope to have a positive influence on the next generation by continuing to volunteer with local junior programs and running a learn to curl within the next year.”
—Aidan MacDonald



“I feel privileged to be awarded such a special scholarship among a talented field of student-athletes. It’s opportunities like this that inspire junior curlers and encourage them to continue learning and growing, both on and off the ice.”
—Alison Umlah



“Whenever I step onto the ice to practice or compete, my mind suddenly becomes calm and all of life’s stressors seemingly fade away. Curling allows me to display my competitive fire in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. The camaraderie and atmosphere of the curling community is special and it is something I value dearly. It is difficult to imagine life without curling.”
—Benjamin Morin
Presented by the Governor General's Curling Club



“Through volunteering at my home club, helping with the junior program, mentoring young teams, taking part in open houses and speaking passionately about curling everywhere I go, I hope that I can make some sort of a difference whether it be by helping someone find a place they feel they belong or encouraging a young curler to take on a new challenge.”
—Hannah Gargul


“I have a passion for equity, diversity and inclusion and want to continue facilitating an accepting and welcoming curling community where all individuals are valued and empowered. I will use this opportunity to continue taking leadership roles in the curling community and look forward to the expanded role I will have in the growth and development of our sport.”
—Jayden King



“Curling brings people together from everywhere and it’s a sport that has been passed down through generations. I love that I get to be a part of this amazing community. Curling is a sport that I can also pass down to younger generations and help grow the sport, which is wonderful. I love curling with all of my heart, and it helps me grow as a woman and athlete.”
—Keelie Duncan



“Curling in my experience has been a very accepting and open space where you can be who you are. That is very important to me as a 2SLGBTQIA+ curler and why I love the sport as much as I do. I aspire to be someone that the younger generations of curlers can look up to. I want to be someone who younger curlers can look at and say, ‘I want to be like him one day.’”
—Kyle Stratton



“The curling community has provided me with countless opportunities for growth and improvement. Through local and national clubs and competitions, I have been able to hone my skills and showcase my talent. These experiences allowed me to gain recognition from organizations such as Curling Canada that are passionate about supporting young athletes like myself. I feel truly fortunate to be part of a community that values not only the sport but also the academic development and success of its members.”
—Madison Kleiter



“Competing is emotionally and physically difficult and the support I have received is a major factor in my success. I am thankful for all my coaches and teammates, and I am grateful that my curling community never gave up on me. Even though I went through many years without success, they always believed in me, and their hope played the biggest role in who I am as a curler today.”
—Sarah McNeil Lamswood



“I hope to be an uplifting and supportive role model for young curlers, as I continue to help them learn. I also hope that they will feel a genuine love and connection to this great sport, that is shared by so many worldwide!”
—Sophie Blades



“It’s important to interact with the younger generation so they have role models as they carve their own path through curling. I intend to continue volunteering with youth in curling to show them that they can achieve anything they put their minds to and keep curling at a high level myself to show what you can become if you put in the hard work and dedication.”
—Zoe Cinnamon

The application period for the 2022 For the Love of Curling Scholarship program is
May 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022 

Please visit again during that time frame for full submission details.

Past recipients


Brianna Cullen
Carter Parenteau
Cassie Rogers
Cate Fitzgerald
Emily Deschenes
Emma Nagel
Isabelle Ladouceur
Jackson Dubinsky
Kibo Mulima
Rachel Jacques
Sean Beland


Kaitlyn Jones
Ryan Jacques
Selena Sturmay
Glenn Venance
Kate Sherry
Ryan Lamswood
Kyle Doering
Tanner Horgan
Dustin Mikush
Lindsay Dubue


Matt Allan
Corryn Brown
Daniel Grant
Leah Hodgson
Sarah Koltun
Derek Oryniak
Jocelyn Peterman
Rebecca Roberts
Kalia Van Osch
Cathlia Ward


Calissa Daly
Carly Smith
Celeste Gauthier
Chantel Hoag
Christopher Pratt
Jamie Smith
Jonhson Tao
Jordon McDonald
Michaela Robert
Piper Croisier
Ryleigh Bakker


Nicholas Bissonnette
Kira Brunton
Krysta Burns
Sarah Daniels
Donald DeWolfe
Robert Gordon
Sara Guy
Matthew Hall
Sarah Hoag
Matthew Manuel
Brooks Roche
Megan Smith
Mackenzie Zacharias


Nathan Young
Abby Marks
Jamie Scott
Lauren Rajala
Catherine Clifford
Gabriel Dyck
Taylour Stevens
Dylan Niepage
Jaedon Neuert
Lauren Ferguson


Maxime Blais
Karlee Burgess
Kristin Clarke
Megan Daniels
Krista Fesser
Hayden Forrester
Jessica Humphries
Sterling Middleton
Tyler Tardi
Daniel Wenzek


Bella Croisier
Chantele Broderson
Desmond Young
Émile Asselin
Émilia Gagné
Emily Zacharias
Lauren Lenentine
Paige Papley
Skylar Ackerman
Wil Robertson


Carson Ackerman
Chantal Allan
Emily Gray
Jessica Iles
Janique LeBlanc
Laura Masters
Erin Pincott
Thomas Scoffin
Kristen Streifel
Karsten Sturmay

Investing in our future champions

Investing in our future champions

Thanks to the generous support of the curling community every year For the Love of Curling Scholarships are awarded to deserving student athletes to help them follow their dreams on and off the ice.

These young athletes are the future of our great sport, by investing in them we are keeping curling competitive and thriving!


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