1. No brushing is allowed during the competition.
  2. Regulation curling rocks (i.e. no little rocks or lite rocks) are to be used by all age categories.
  3. Full-sheet length (unless otherwise indicated) is to be used.
  4. Someone (parent, volunteer or other curler) can hold the broom for the thrower.
  5. All participants must wear head protection deemed appropriate by club organizers, clean running shoes or curling shoes.
  6. All participants’ guardians must sign the waiver form before participating in any Hit Draw Tap competition.
  7. Each participant is allowed two practice shots (participant can choose whether they practice draws or hits) prior to their shots being scored.
  8. Provincial/territorial finalists will be given access to the ice for a 10 minute open practice session.
  9. Scores are cumulative per event, with each participant repeating each score five times.
  10. Ties at the club and provincial/territorial level will be broken to determine first, second and third with a “sudden death” draw to the button – draw is repeated until winner is determined. Officials at provincials/territorials will measure the distance from the pin to determine the winner.
  11. If at any point a decision cannot be made as to the score of a shot, the decision shall always favour the participant.


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