U-15 RockFest





Rock your skills, elevate your game!

Curling Canada, in association with its Member Associations across the country, will begin the long-awaited U15 RockFest youth development program during the 2023-24 curling season.

RockFest will feature curlers under 15 years of age competing at regional events nationwide for opportunities to develop their skills and compete against curlers from neighbouring provinces and territories in singles and triples format curling.

The new events focus on developing the skills of youth curlers as individuals, helping them develop a well-rounded skillset in all aspects of the game in a fun and competitive environment.

U15 RockFest events provide new opportunities for youth curlers beyond the Canadian Under-18 and Under-21 championships to compete and have fun while playing.

Curling Canada will organize four regional events with the respective regional Member Associations. Youth curlers across Canada will have the chance to compete at one of the following events:

U15 RockFest West (British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alberta)
U15 RockFest Prairies (Saskatchewan, Manitoba)
U15 RockFest East (Northern Ontario, Ontario, Nunavut, Quebec)
U15 RockFest Atlantic (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador)

The events will take place over three days and feature an action-packed schedule of U15 singles competitions, triples curling, skills development clinics, fun off-ice activities and the Golden RockFest.

U15 curlers aged 14 or younger as of June 30, 2023, can qualify for regional U15 RockFest events through their local Member Associations.

All curlers must download Curling Canada’s Singles App, “Singles Curling”, for iOS and Android, and complete a variety of shots such as a hit and stay, draw, hit and roll, guard, peel and more. The shots are scored and inputted into the app, with the top curlers from each Member Association receiving an invitation to their respective regional event.

In order to qualify for a U-15 Regional RockFest event, curlers will have to score a minimum of 10 out of 36 points. 
Curlers can begin to submit their scores for qualification on the Singles Curling app on December 15, 2023. (MAs: BC, SK, MB, NT, NU, NO, ON, QC, NL, NS, NB)

For more information on how to compete, please contact your respective Member Association. Youth curlers can find more information about provincial and territorial qualifying events and app qualification deadlines.

The 2024 U15 RockFest regional events schedule, including the quota number of competitors, are:

U15 RockFest Prairies

Yorkton Curling Club | Yorkton, Sask.
March 7-9, 2024


• Saskatchewan | 54 curlers | 27 males, 27 females
• Manitoba | 42 curlers | 21 males, 21 females

U15 RockFest East

Niagara Falls Curling Club | Niagara Falls, Ont.
March 22-24, 2024


• Ontario | 38 curlers | 19 males, 19 females
• Northern Ontario | 18 curlers | 9 males, 9 females
• Quebec | 12 curlers | 6 males, 6 females
• Nunavut | 4 curlers | 2 males, 2 females

U15 RockFest West

Sherwood Park Curling Club | Sherwood Park, Alta.
March 15-17, 2024


• Alberta | 40 curlers | 20 males, 20 females
• British Columbia | 24 curlers | 12 males, 12 females
• Northwest Territories | 10 curlers | 5 males, 5 females
• Yukon | 10 curlers | 5 males, 5 females

U15 RockFest Atlantic

Curl Moncton | Moncton, N.B.
March 28-30, 2024


• New Brunswick | 22 curlers | 11 males, 11 females
• Nova Scotia | 20 curlers | 10 males, 10 females
• Newfoundland & Labrador | 10 curlers | 5 males, 5 females
• Prince Edward Island | 8 curlers | 4 males, 4 females

*If an MA does not fill quota numbers, the remaining spots will go to the host province.
*In Curling Canada’s Singles app, curlers will self-identify under the Event Gender as Male or Female.


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Curling Canada


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