About Curling


It might look complicated when you watch curling on TV, but when it comes right down to it, our sport is pretty easy to understand — once you learn some of the basic terminology and strategies.



Library and Archives Canada holds one of the richest collections of documents on curling in Canada, acquired from various regional, national, and international curling bodies.



The great thing about curling is that you can ALWAYS learn something new — whether you’re a rookie stepping onto the ice for the very first time, or a savvy veteran!


Safety First

They make it look easy on TV, but trust us: that ice is awfully hard when you fall down on it. Having fun is always one of the most important parts of curling, but being safe is at the top of the list.


Business of Curling

Today’s Canadian curling centres aren’t just a building with some frozen water with rings painted in them; they’re places of business, looking for that little edge that will make their centre a little more appealing to potential customers.


Coaching Info

Every great curler can tell you a story about a coach who had a significant impact on their career, and in some cases, continue to have that impact. This is where you’ll find out what it takes to be a coach — whether you’re just starting out, or looking to add to your coaching tool-kit!


Officials and Umpires

All the information on Curling Canada’s officiating structure including required certifications, resources for time clock operators and observers, game umpires, chief umpires and more.


Diversity and Inclusivity

Curling is a place for everyone. An individual’s journey into curling begins with community clubs. Click below to find resources and information for curling facilities and players.


Curling Canada