Diversity and Inclusivity

Curling is a place for everyone. An individual’s journey into curling begins with community clubs. Therefore, it’s crucial that clubs are able to create environments where people feel welcome and enjoy their experience. This will help foster a new wave of diverse members. It is important that they feel safe and free of any discrimination or maltreatment. 

We have created a digital resource kit in support of creating meaningful change towards greater diversity and inclusivity in the sport of curling.

This guide has been broken down into tangible areas of focus, that can be reviewed, adapted and implemented, either independently or as part of a more holistic journey for the growth and betterment of our sport.

Importance of Diversity

Diversity and inclusion principles are discussed in the context of how they benefit your facility.


Unconscious Bias

The need for exposure of existing bias and their effects is highlighted along with resources to help combat it.


Targeted Approach

Recommendations and resources aimed at expanding diversity and inclusion in your facility.


Membership Options

Inclusive payment and financial options for families and individuals.


New Program Ideas

Ideas for encouraging and welcoming programs to entice new curlers to your facility.


Marketing Resources

Assets and strategies to diversify marketing and expand into new communities.


Reciprocal Partnerships

Information on mutually beneficial partnerships and funding opportunities for diversity initiatives.


Engaging Board

Tips and strategies to create a diversity and inclusion action plan designed to engage facility boards.


Definitions & Education

Resources and definitions that provide in-depth information about diversity and inclusion.

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DEI Training for Member Associations

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Funded by the World Curling Federation's Development Assistance Program.

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