In order to ensure that all of its policies are current to the most recent standards, Curling Canada mandated the Sport Law and Strategy Group (SLSG) to conduct an independent review. As a result of this review, Curling Canada has adopted the policies that can be found on this webpage. Curling Canada is committed to reviewing and updating these policies as often as necessary in order to ensure that they consistently satisfy the highest standards.

Abuse Policy

AODA Policy

Appeal Policy

Athlete Protection Policy

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Concussion Policy

Discipline and Complaints Policy

Dispute Resolution Policy

Event Discipline Policy

Investigations Policy – Discrimination, Harassment, Abuse and Maltreatment

Match Manipulation Policy

Reciprocation Policy

Screening Policy

Social Media Policy

Transgender and Non-Binary Inclusion Policy

Vaccination Policy

Whistleblower Policy

If you would like an accessible version of these PDFs, please email [email protected].

Curling Canada