Ice maker / technician contract in the Curling Center Baden Region

Submission address:
Curling Club Baden Regio, Zelgweg 15, 5405 Baden-Dättwil

Deadline for submission: Friday, 28. February 2020

Bids must be submitted in paper form with all the enclosures required. Bids must be received by the client no later than the submission deadline. Late bids will not be evaluated and will be excluded from the process.

31.03.2020 Contract negotiations concluded, contract signed
01.06.2020 Start of ice installation for season 20/21

Place of work:
Curling Center CC Baden Regio, Zelgweg 15, 5405 Dättwil

Duration of contract: 01.06.2020 – 30.05.2023

Main tasks:
– Ice installation (4 times per year) and daily maintenance of the 4 rink curling facility
– Ice preparation during events and tournaments
– Total expected work load: 1200 man hours per year

A detailed description of the expected tasks can be found in the specifications of services. The document can be requested under the mail address: [email protected]

Required equipment:
All necessary machines and equipment are provided by the Curling Club Baden Regio. They are property of the club and will be provided to the ice maker / technician. The maintenance of the machines and equipment is also at the expense of the club.

Enclosures required:
Together with the bid, information on curriculum vitae, references, years of service and proof of education and training are expected.

Contact Name:Jörg Keller
Contact Email:+41 79 687 57 22
Contact Phone:[email protected]