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Author Archives: Rachael Wilson

One family wearing the provincial jacket proudly

April 11, 2016

I saw my little sister Selena running towards me from across the ice, and then she jumped up into my arms, giving me a big hug (says Alberta’s Karsten Sturmay). This was the moment it hit me that I was going to the 2016 Canadian Junior Curling Championships, and so was she.

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What a difference YOU made!

November 18, 2014

Donors have had such an impact on curling in Canada in just a few short months!

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Curling: The “gateway” to a healthy future

October 9, 2014

Canadian kids are being left out of traditional sports, especially girls, obese children, those with special needs, and kids from low income families.* We want kids to be happy and healthy for years to come.

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Curling fans win gold for generosity

March 20, 2014

You did it! Thanks to the incredible generosity of curlers across Canada, we sold enough “Got Gold?” t-shirts to help eight young athletes this fall!

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A Special Message from Brad Jacobs

March 9, 2014

My love of curling started in my childhood. I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where my whole family curled. The Soo Curlers Association was like a second home for me. I hung out there. I found my role models there. And I felt the sport of curling test every fibre of my being, teaching me the value of never giving up.

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Can you imagine if your curling club closed?

March 6, 2014

Bringing curling back to Wynyard The local curling club had already been closed for almost six years, because of a broken ice plant and a leaky roof, when Ontario native Kyle Stefanovic moved to Saskatchewan and took over the job of Director of Leisure Services for the Town of Wynyard (pop. 2000).

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Time running out to purchase Got Gold T-shirts

March 3, 2014

Only 10 days left to help young athletes! Can you imagine if you had to give up curling because you couldn’t afford it? What if Team Jones or Team Jacobs had to give up the sport they loved when they were at school? If you were a young curler at college or university, this could be your reality. If we don’t help some athletes today, we could be losing future members of Team Canada. The Canadian Curling Association wants to make sure young athletes don’t have to make tough choices between their education and curling. When you purchase a limited ...

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Got Gold? We sure do!!

February 26, 2014

You’ve followed them every sweep of the way. You’ve cheered at every end. You’ve been a part of history- for the first time ever, both the Canadian Women and Men’s team have won gold! Be a part of history again- show your pride in our athletes while supporting the next generation of curlers. And Canadian curlers have a lot to be proud of. In celebration, curling fans can buy a T-shirt through a brand new crowd-sourcing platform, Tees for the People, to share your pride and help future golden athletes. When you purchase this limited edition T-shirt – featuring the ...

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Share the love of curling

February 14, 2014

I looked at the little boy and told him he didn’t need to skate to curl, and his eyes lit up. ‘I’m going to curl this fall,’ he said. It was music to my ears.

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