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Growing the Sport of Curling in 2020

These are interesting times for Canadian curling rinks with many clubs re-opening with a flourish while other clubs will wait until January before opening, and some clubs have chosen not to open at all.  Regardless of your situation, it is important to keep selling your product making sure people in your community know your club exists and is still in business.  So here are some tips and best practices to raise awareness and recruit new customers!

Our objectives are simple:

Focus on the interest. Curling will be a popular winter activity even during the pandemic. Use that heightened interest to build awareness on what you do and where you do it. Personify curling; tell your potential customers that we are a safe, family-based, recreation business.

Best practices. The key to your success will be your efforts in organizing events that invite new customers to your building to try curling. When they show up, have them throw a stone or two and then work at convincing them to commit to a Learn-To-Curl program!

Here are two videos you can use in your promos:

Host them on your web page so you can send links. Market them to your new customers using Facebook. Finally, use this guide to assist in your planning.

This planning piece is designed to help capture the public’s attention by emphasizing how easy and how much fun it is to get involved in curling. The concept is to encourage people to investigate and then experience the enjoyment of the game first hand. We firmly believe that, when a new customer tries the sport for the first time, they will become curlers for life!

Getting started

What should be in place before you start:


Action planning

Target market

More best practices!

Getting Started

Here are a couple of tips:

On behalf of Curling Canada and our country’s curling community, we would like to extend a very big thank you to each of our curling facilities for the work they do in growing the sport at the community level.

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