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2017 NCC/AM Notice of Motion: Endorsement: Helmet Recommendation and Future Investigation

That, based upon the unanimous suggestion of the Curling Canada Operations Advisory Council, the Member Associations endorse the immediate release of a Curling Canada statement to encourage Canadian curling clubs and facilities to acknowledge a concern about Head Injuries and Concussion and urging clubs and facilities to implement helmet use initiatives in beginner and novice curling programs, and that helmets are strongly suggested for all in the U12 age category.

And that, based upon the preliminary findings of an Advisory Council committee presented and discussed during the 2017 National Curling Congress, the Member Associations endorse a thorough investigation of the development of a Curling Canada policy in regard to the wearing of CSA-approved headgear for ice sports by U12 and beginning and novice curlers;

And that Curling Canada also investigate the potential for a national insurance program for curlers;

And furthermore that the timeline for the required investigations and, if deemed appropriate, for the introduction of said policy be developed in consultation with the Member Associations and reported at the 2018 Curling Canada Annual Meeting, or earlier.

Rationale for Motion

At the 2016 Curling Canada Annual Meeting, a very aggressive Concussions/Return to Play protocol was endorsed by the members in regard to Head Injuries incurred by athletes competing in an event which lies directly under Curling Canada control. It acknowledged that, while rare among high performance curler-athletes, the possibility of falls and head injury does exist. As these events are directly Curling Canada responsibility, the development of a Concussions/Return to Play protocol was also directly a Curling Canada responsibility.

Less clear is the situation in regard to head injuries in recreational play, from the instructional level to the local recreation competition level at any of the nearly 1,000 curling rinks, facilities and clubs across the country.

This motion is presented in acknowledgement of the concern about head injuries in ice sports and recognizes the sport of curling has seen incidents of severe injury in clubs across the country as a result of falls, particularly by beginner curlers of all ages – but also by curlers with stability issues due to aging or specific physical conditions.

However, the motion also recognizes the unique nature of the way the sport of curling is presented in
Canada by a network of independently managed club-owned or municipally-owned curling facilities over which Curling Canada has no direct authority, control or responsibility.

When approved by the Member Associations, this motion will authorize Curling Canada’s staff and volunteers to look into the insurance, legal, organizational and other related implications for the sport of curling of implementing a national headgear (helmet) policy and be prepared to make a recommendation on the policy regarding same, in consultation with the Member Associations.

Please see below for an outline on the policy discussion that was held over a number of meetings with the Provincial and Territorial Executive Directors.

The recommendation that will be put forth in a motion to support the continued study of this issue and recommendation from Curling Canada is outlined below as the conclusion to this phase of study.

Helmet Policy Discussion

A group of Curling Canada and Executive Directors undertook to review the possibility of a helmet policy from Curling Canada, given the strong interest in this topic at the 2016 National Curling Congress (NCC).

Additionally Curling Canada received a public request from the Governor General and Minister of Sport, sent to sport leaders in the country, to make the study of concussions in sport a high priority in their particular sport.

Steps that were undertaken:

Conclusions regarding concussion prevention and helmet policy:

Three-Phase Helmet Implementation Plan


Phase 2

Phase 3

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