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Women in Coaching: A Christmas Message about Sport and Life

December 24, 2010

A time to Celebrate!! Wow, just days before Christmas and things just don’t slow down very much.  In BC, our third straight weekend of playdowns just finished and the fourth one is coming up in January.

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Women in Coaching: The fall is gone, time for some R&R!!

December 10, 2010

Where did the FALL go?  And have we Recovered?

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Women in Coaching: From Curler to Coach

October 29, 2010

After moving to Victoria for competitive curling, I realized it was one of the toughest regions to win.  We had some highly competitive games with another very good local team.  Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost.

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Women in Coaching: Networking

October 14, 2010

Being a part of a sport is awesome!  It is an opportunity to do something you love doing as well as a chance to meet people from every corner of the world.   You will never know what impact these people may have on your life, at the time, or in the future.

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Women in Coaching: Amazing Opportunities

September 23, 2010

People always tell me things happen for a reason.  And when my playing career ended I didn’t know which direction I would be going.  Now, there is absolutely no question.

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Women in Coaching: An Apprenticeship Program

September 9, 2010

Call it culture, call it history, call it anything you wish, but it is of no surprise that women have had a harder time finding coaching and leadership positions in sport.

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