Host Committee


Chair:  Kim Canary

Administration and In-House Ticket Sales:  Maureen McDonald
- Ticket Sales:
  Lorna Thomas

Administration (Planning) and Merchandise Sales:  Carolyn Blanchard
- Merchandise Sales: 
Janie Wall

Banquets:  Allison Farrell

Ceremonies: Kathy Broom
- Deputy
:  Barb Kelly

Competition Draws and Logistics:  Layne Noble

Facilities:  Greg Penz

Club Services:  Deb Harper

IT Support and Services:  Andrew Bugg

Security and Parking:  Ruth Buckland

Finances and Treasurer:  Elaine Henderson

Ice Operations:  John Schwartzburg

Chief Ice Technician: Stu Carberry

Head Photographer:  Claudette Bockstael

Media and Communications:  Megan Aldridge and Erin Morrissey

Social Media:  Chadd Vandermade

Officials, Timers and Statisticians:  Diana Favel
- Deputy – Statistics: 
Gerry Ciasnocha
- Deputy – Timing:
Geoff Sheppard

Player Services:  Janelle Sadler
- Deputy:
Denys Vermette

Medical: Sheryl Dobenko and Susan Goheen

Sponsorship:  Kristina Belyea and Kim Canary

Transportation:  David Morrow
- Deputy:  
Marc Girouard

Volunteers:  Wilda Phillips and Donna Sullivan