Hair brush-head use modified in Curling Canada broom moratorium

The use of hair brooms will be modified in Curling Canada’s broom-head moratorium for both the Tournament of Hearts and Brier, it was announced today by Curling Canada. Effective immediately, hair broom-heads can only be used by skips or vice-skips holding the broom in the house, and can only be used when the delivered rock, or the rock set in motion, is behind the tee-line. Additionally, they can be used by skips on tick shots. The revision of the moratorium comes after consultation with players, and has their overwhelming support, and will apply only to both the pre-qualifying round and main draw of both Canadian championship events. “We certainly listened to the concerns of the players, and we supported them,” said Gerry Peckham, Curling Canada’s Director, High Performance. “Everybody had the same goal of protecting the spirit and integrity of the game, and making sure the playing field is level for all of our teams. We also wanted to make sure the events were played at the highest levels of sportsmanship and respect, and having the players’ support on this moving forward ensures that they can focus entirely on showcasing their skills on the ice in Grande Prairie and Ottawa.” The full moratorium can be viewed by clicking here.