No-Tick Rule added in 2023-24

Curling Canada adopts No-Tick Rule for all events as of 2023-24

Curling Canada will formally adopt the World Curling Federation’s No-Tick Shot rule for all its championship events starting in the 2023-24 curling season.

The update to Curling Canada’s rules matches a World Curling Federation decision to implement the No-Tick Shot rule at all international events starting immediately.

The No-Tick Shot rule now being used for all Curling Canada events is as follows:

If, prior to the delivery of the sixth stone of an end, a delivered stone causes either directly or indirectly, an opposition stone in the Free Guard Zone (FGZ) which is touching the centre line to be moved to an off-centre line position or to a position outside the FGZ, the non-offending team has the option to:

(i) Remove the delivered stone from play, and replace all stones that were displaced to their positions prior to the violation taking place; or

(ii) Leave all stones where they came to rest.

If the stone is moved from the centre line to an out-of-play position, then the FGZ rule applies.

This does not apply for Wheelchair Curling or for Mixed Doubles competitions.