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Hey Coach!

Hey Coach: Coach Acknowledgment and Fifth Player Acknowledgment

“Hey Coach Sutter congratulations on the Stanley Cup win but would you please move aside, take the back-up goaltender with you, so we can take of picture of the team?”

Hey Coach: CurlBook – Your One Handed Curling Stats Application!

I mentioned in the previous blog I would do a more indepth review of CurlBook – a new curling statistics program built for the Apple iPhone and iPod.   I have to admit I am extremely impressed with the job Andrew Flemming has done.  


I am pleased to announce the arrival of a stats based program for the Apple iPhone and iPod.  Released in the last two weeks this app looks extremely promising. 


Welcome to a new season!!  As a number of you may be one to two months out from getting your ice there are a number of clubs around the country getting it this weekend or who have had it in for at least one month!!  With this being an Olympic Year the pressure to get started early is certainly there!!

Hey Coach: A great message from Marnie McBean

I have had the opportunity on a number of occasions over the past five years to hear Marnie McBean speak.  She is now an employee of the Canadian Olympic Committee and is tasked at helping prepare our Olympic teams for competition.


It has been requested from a number of coaches and athletes that seeing as though I trumpeted this time of year as a great time to ‘re-do your swing’ that I provide some tips when you head to the ice. 


It is my opinion that every team should have a rule book tossed into their broom bag to ensure that they thoroughly understand the rules and, if need be, can quickly turn to the revised rule book should the need arise. 


I have the opportunity in my chosen profession to work with curling athletes of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels however they all seem to be experts in complaining about ice; espeically picks! 


Welcome to the the beginning of the end.  I laugh as a number of teams we begin work with in September, and then end up losing out on playdowns, decide that they do not need to practice anymore and they can re-focus in September next year!!  I shake my head.  


Welcome to the new CCA Coaching Support Blog.  It is here that we will continue to update you on coaching related issues, articles pertaining to technical improvement and general team interest stories that should help you and your team improve.  


You can’t wait until things start going well during a game before you start trusting. You have to start replicating the state of mind you have when you are at your best. No matter what happens (mistakes, lose a lead, etc.), you have to strive to maintain that state of mind.


As in any sport the athletes should warm up before proceeding to the ice surface.

Hey Coach: Video Analysis 101

Video analysis in the sport of curling is not new, however the use of computer based software to do this on our behalf is only about three years old.

Hey Coach: How Do I Drop Players or the Whole Team?

WOW… what a topic… If there is a more “delicate” topic amongst coaches or parents, I don’t know one. There are so many factors that need to be brought into play here and NONE of them can be ignored. As you read you may recognize a situation you personally faced or someone else has.



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