Organizations who wish to host a Curling Canada event must make their intentions known by writing a letter, specifying the event and year, to Danny Lamoureux at Curling Canada’s national office.

For the Canadian Mixed, Club Championships, Canadian Seniors, Canadian Juniors, University Championships, College Championships, Mixed Doubles, Under-18 or the Canadian Wheelchair events, the follow-up will be done by Danny Lamoureux, Director, Championship Services and Curling Club Development.

If there are questions prior to submitting a letter, Danny can be contacted directly as follows:

Danny Lamoureux
Telephone: (613) 834-2076 ext. 116
Mobile: (613) 878-3682
Email: [email protected]

Event-Managed Properties

Other Events

Timelines for expressions of interest/bids

Timelines for the selection of sites and public announcements

*** If for some reason the Curling Canada does not have a qualified site which it deems acceptable and appropriate to host an event, then it reserves the right to change the timelines for the bid process and/or the site selection and announcement.

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