Richardson International Rebrands

In an effort to be well-positioned globally and to create a stronger, more unified corporate identity moving forward, the former James Richardson International Limited today unveiled that it has changed its name to Richardson International Limited and its business will be carried out under the trademark “Richardson”. Richardson International’s subsidiaries Pioneer Grain Company, Limited (“Pioneer Grain” and Canbra Foods Ltd. (“Canbra Foods”) will also be recognized under new names which reflect their ties to the parent company and incorporate the “Richardson” brand. Pioneer Grain has changed its name to Richardson Pioneer Limited and Canbra Foods Ltd. will now be known as Richardson Oilseed Limited. “The Richardson name has been our calling card for generations and it continues to stand for honesty and integrity in agriculture,” said Richardson International President Curt Vossen. “By bringing our corporate structure together under one trusted brand, we help our customers to fully understand the scope of our integrated operations, strengthen our presence in the global marketplace and establish each of our subsidiaries as a unified team with a shared goal of growth.” Also unveiled today was a new corporate logo, which draws upon elements of the fresh and the familiar. The Richardson name is supported by a solid bridge spanning traditional values and new opportunities while identifying the company’s position as the connection between Canadian producers and customers around the world. “With the significant growth of our agribusiness and construction of our new canola processing plant in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, the timing could not be better for us to rebrand under a new name that demonstrates our confidence in the agriculture and food industry,” said Richardson International Limited Chairman Hartley Richardson, who is President and Chief Executive Officer of parent company James Richardson & Sons, Limited. “This is an important and exciting day for us moving forward as Richardson International readies itself to meet the needs of a growing world.” About Richardson International Limited One of Canada’s leading grain and oilseed handling firms, Richardson International is an industry leader in the areas of grain handling, merchandising, logistics, crop inputs sales as well as oilseed processing and food service packaging. The largest subsidiary of James Richardson & Sons, Limited, the company provides an influential global presence for Canadian producers and remains committed to meeting the needs of a growing world. For more information, please contact: Jean-Marc Ruest Vice-President, Corporate Affairs and General Counsel Telephone: 204.934.5488 E-mail: [email protected]