Hey Coach: Curling Warm-Up Routine (Physical Preparation)

As in any sport the athletes should warm up before proceeding to the ice surface. The Curling warm-up is called the 3S routine: The three components are:
    1. STEP 2. STRETCH 3. SLIDE STEP The purpose is to generate body heat and raise the level of functioning of the cardiovascular system It should take 5-10 minutes and should be done just prior to stretching. High stepping on the spot is easy to do in a curling lounge. STRETCH Static stretching is used to overcome stretch reflexes that would normally prevent us from moving comfortably through the range of motion needed. A leader should guide the curlers through a variety of stretching exercises immediately prior to going on the ice. SLIDE Several slides from the hack should progress from an easy leg drive to a longer one. It is advised that the progression of ‘5 Slides’ be used to aid in achieving better balance and increase strength. The ‘5 Slides’ drill would be done in the following order, with the curler ultimately ending at the predetermined position on the ice:
    1. Backline – this is a slow stretch
    2. T-Line
    3. Top 12 Foot
    4. Half-way – between the 12 foot and Hogline
    5. Hogline
    By utilizing this slow progression curlers give their muscles some time to adjust to being in the curling delivery. As well, the slower speeds ensures the curler is working on balance, just like riding the bike, the slower you go in a curling the delivery the harder it it is to stay up. Lastly, this drill helps in weight judgement as it pushes the curler to ensure that he/she stops at the predetermined distance. Ask the curlers to always come to a complete stop and hold each slide for 2 seconds – again working on balance. Keeping hands off the ice.