Coming Down to the Wire!!

We’re heading into the last day of the round robin and there is a possible mess on the women’s side.  With many saying Jennifer Jones was eliminated if she lost today there is still a glimmer of hope.  With three of the four games going the right way tomorrow a record of three wins and four losses may get through to tie breakers!  Go to the to see the records…’s interesting! Congrats to Team Bernard on clinching the top spot in the women’s draw.  With a perfect 6-0 record they have sealed up a spot in the final on Saturday.  They played a very good game in this evening (Wednesday) against top seeded Jennifer Jones. On the men’s side five teams are still alive with a big showdown between top seeded Kevin Martin and Glenn Howard on Thursday evening.  It’s interesting watching different teams perform in this event – the pressure creates different performances for differnent people and teams. If you’re watching the statistics you can get a sense of how inaccurate they can be and how watching a game seeing the key shots is important.  For example Team Bernard is fifth overall in team statistics and sits on top of the standings at 6-0!  Kevin Martin’s team is sitting in second place and have a Skip that currently sits in seventh out of eighth in the skip position proving it’s not about what you miss it’s about what you make! If you’re at home tomorrow put on TSN!  There are going to be some great games and potential for a few tie-breakers in the women’s draw. Good luck and good curling, Paul Webster