BC Host Wins Canadian Wheelchair Championship!

The host team from British Columbia, skipped by Gary Cormack, captured the 2010 TMX Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship with a 6-4 win over fellow BC skip Whitney Warren (last stones delivered by Gerry Austgarden) in the final held today at the Kelowna Curling Club.

Host Team from British Columbia win the 2010 Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship

Cormack with third Rich Green, second Vince Miele, lead Corinne Jensen, alternate Samantha Siu and coach Len Stewart took advantage of the second provincial entry offered to the host province romping through the 10 team round robin with 8 wins and one loss, a victory over Warren in the Page Playoff and a 6-4 decision in the championship final. There were two turning pointsin this final.The first came in the 6th end when Cormack made a double takeout and roll behind cover to eventually steal one tieing the game. Then in the 7th end Cormack stole three points to head to the final end where they held Cormack to just a single and winning the title. Warren (who delivered second stones), Austgarden, the 2006 Paralympic champion, third stones Frank LaBounty, lead Alison Duddy and coach Al Moore earned the silver medals. In today’s semi-final between Manitoba’s Chris Sobkowicz and Austgarden, the first four ends were even with the score 3-3 heading to the break.  The Manitobans came on strong in the second half and headed into the last end one point ahead and with the last rock. In that 8th end however, Austgarden’s last stone drew into the four foot fully guarded much to the delight of the home crowd.  Sobkowicz need a piece of the button to win but missed and the game went to extra ends. In the extra end, BC lay one in the four foot. A last stone guard from Austgarden kept everyone in suspense as they had to check to see if it was over the hogline. It was indeed over and Sobkowicz couldn’t negotiate the small port into the four foot and the BC champions stole again to advance to the final. Sobkowicz, third Dennis Thiessen, second George Horning, lead Arlene Ursel, alternate Terry Lindell and coach Rob Lamb earned the bronze medals. Danny Lamoureux Director, Championship Services & Curling Club Development 1-866-761-2875 [email protected]