Germany moves to 2-0 at Ford World Women’s

World champion Bingyu Wang of China suffered her second straight setback at the Ford World women’s curling championship on Sunday morning while European champion Andrea Schoepp of Germany extended her winning record to two. Wang gave up a first-end deuce to Denmark’s Angelina Jensen-skipped unit, scored three consecutive singles, then fell apart as the Danes hammered six unanswered points on the board over the subsequent four exchanges. The Chinese team surrendered after eight ends, trailing 8-3. Later, Wang was disconsolate. “I feel bad for this game,” she said, after lengthy deliberations in the dressing room. “I don ‘t know what happened. Yah, so sad. In the last three ends it was so bad. They played well. Good for them, not for us.” Will she be thinking now about starting the kind of winning streak that propelled her to the world title a year ago in Gangneung? “I should be thinking that way, yes,” she said without much conviction. “The next game, we have to change. We’ll see.” It was later revealed that Wang told her coach, Weidong Tan, that she did not want to play in China’s next game later today against Scotland. Schoepp scored four in the final end of an otherwise tight thriller, meanwhile, to defeat Eve Muirhead’s troops 9-6. The match boiled down to the final end with Scotland leading 6-5 and Germany owning the hammer. The Scots had a counter stashed away until German third Melanie Robillard executed a perfect runback takeout that left her squad locked behind cover with Muirhead forced to play draws she failed to get hidden. “This time it was our lucky end,” said the 45-year-old Schoepp. “We have lost to them regularly and I was not confident going into this game. It’s just something that sticks in your mind. Sometimes it is motivating.” Schoepp said her vice-skip Robillard “was really upset she did not play as well as she can”. Then she made the important shot. It’s what I told them yesterday. You don’t have to play 100 per cent, you just have to make the important ones.” Muirhead admitted the Scots “let them back into the game.  We let them blank the ninth when we should have forced them, then the runback was the key shot for them. It ended up perfect for them. I had no chance for a double.” Denmark skip Jensen said that, going in, her team hadn’t beaten the Chinese in memory. “It’s a long time, I know that, so it feels good. We needed a win now. A lot the teams here are so close. A lot of these games can go any way.” In Draw Four today at 1:30 p.m. CT, Sweden (0-1) plays Norway (1-0), Latvia (0-2) tackles the undefeated U.S.A. (2-0), Russia (1-1) goes against Japan (1-1) and Canada (1-0) faces Switzerland (0-1).