Golfer Wins FLEX Appeal with Brier Hole-in-One Promotion

The 2011 Tim Hortons Brier has partnered with seven golf courses in the region on a season long Men’s League hole-in-one promotion; it didn’t take long for our first winner to emerge. On Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 Men’s League rounds at River Road golf course teed off like any other day for John Malcolm, a 61 year old member at River Road. On the 18th hole, Malcolm hit his final shot from the white tees, using his driver, sending the ball a solid 300 yards. “I knew it was on the green,” Malcolm said, “but it was another guy who told me, once we got there, it’s in the hole!” Malcolm has been golfing for 40 years, and has been part of the Men’s League at River Road for 8 years. This hole-in-one victory was the third of John’s golfing career, but it was especially rewarding, not only because it is rare to hit a hole-in-one on a par 4, but because John Malcolm is the first to win a Flex Appeal package to the 2011 Tim Hortons Brier as part of the Men’s League hole-in-one promotion. For this golfer, his stone certainly landed on the button! Get your FLEX Appeal package now.

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