Business of Curling: To Facebook or not to Facebook

Last week, I mentioned many clubs were not producing their own web pages or establishing a Facebook presence. I will re-state that it is extra work for a volunteer group already a tad overworked, however, this is no longer a fad but an application that has woven itself into our everyday lives. As operators of curling facilities, we cannot ignore the power of the Internet or social media. If you haven’t already built a fan page, consider theses stats courtesy of Facebook Statistics Canada
  • Number of active users on Facebook in Canada – 16,465,269;
  • Number of male users on Facebook in Canada – 7,234,100;
  • Number of female users on Facebook in Canada – 8,506,020;
  • User Age Distribution: – ages 13-15 = 4% (658,611 Canadians) – ages 16-17 = 6% (987,916 Canadians) – ages 18-24 = 26% (4,280,970 Canadians) – ages 25-34 = 26% (4,280,970 Canadians) – ages 35-44 = 17% (2,799,096 Canadians) – ages 45-54 = 12% (1,975,832 Canadians) – ages 55-64 = 6% (987,916 Canadians) – ages 65+ = 3% (493,958 Canadians)
These are really big numbers that we, as administrators and fans of curling, can’t ignore and it is difficult to justify not creating a Facebook presence for your curling facility. A few useful tips:
  1. Build a page. It’s simple and free. Then have someone in charge of making regular posts, uploading photos etc.
  2. Forward the location of your Facebook page to your own membership and encourage them to become friends.
  3. Find the various curling blogs that are out there and become their friend. This will drive current and regular information to your own page for your members. As example, here is the link to the CCA’s Facebook Page:
  4. Become friends of other clubs in your area, your province, Canada or anywhere in the world!
  5. Work at staying fresh and current.
There a number of curling clubs on Facebook and here are some good Canadian examples to help you make up your mind! (Niagara Falls, ON) (Maple Ridge, BC; very good use of this platform) (Coquitlam Junior League, BC) (Florenceville, NB) (Bridgewater, NS; they too have a nice photo section) (Orangeville, ON; check out the pond spiel fotos)