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Junior Athlete of the Week: Michael Horita

This week’s junior Athlete of the Week is Michael Horita of Langley, British Columbia.

Michael Horita

Birthdate: June 19, 1991
Birthplace: Surrey, British Columbia
Hometown: Langley, British Columbia
Curling Club: Langley Curling Club
Current Team:Team Klymchuk
Position: Third
Delivery: Left.
Nickname: Scorpio, Big Red

Getting to Know Michael Horita

Michael Horita and his teammates had mentally prepared themselves to take the second step on the medal podium last season at the B.C. junior men’s curling championship at the Juan de Fuca Curling Club.

Horita, the third for Tyler Klymchuk’s Langley team (second Dylan Somerton, lead Elliot Franklin, alternate Ethan Franklin and coach Doris Torrance, had left Jon Gardner of Vernon an open hit for the win in the final. But Gardner missed, and Klymchuk’s team earned a trip to Sorel-Tracy, Que., for the M and M Meat Shops national junior championships, where it posted a 6-6 record.

It wasn’t the first big-game final victory for Horita; he also was a member of the winning team at the 2008 B.C. Winter Games in Kimberley/Cranbrook.

Horita and his teammates got another thrill not long after their journey to Quebec; the Klymchuk team played an exhibition game against Denmark’s Ulrik Schmidt to help the Danes tune up for the Winter Olympics.

Horita has volunteered at clinics for beginner and novice curlers in Langley. And while he’s played a lot of baseball and basketball over the years, his biggest accomplishments have come in The Roaring Game.

Click thumbnail to enlarge (Photo: Brennan Schnell)

Click thumbnail to enlarge (Photo: Brennan Schnell)

Click thumbnail to enlarge (Photo: Brennan Schnell)

Quick Hits with Michael Horita

Do you have any superstitions?
“I don’t have any superstitions, but I do understand the importance of a good routine.”

Three people, living or not, whom you would invite to a dinner party:
“Probably just friends who I know I would get along with.”

If you could be a star any other sport, what would it be, and why?
“Probably baseball, because it is something that I have done for a long time, but never put enough effort in it. I also enjoy playing soccer, but I have never done that at a competitive level.”

If you could change any rule in curling, which one would it be, and why?
“I like the rules the way they are right now.”

What music do you like to listen to before a game?
“Drake, Lil Wayne if I want to be pumped up, or something slower if I want to relax.”

– Website? “I don’t have one.”
– Order from Tim Hortons? “Turkey bacon club, toasted, no tomato.”
– Vacation destination? “I don’t know yet.”
– Junk food? “I try to stay away from junk food, but I have trouble turning down pie.”

Do you have any pet peeves?
“Suburban 12-year-olds who think they’re gangstas. Also, when someone starts to watch a show or movie in the middle of it and expects you to tell them what’s happening.”

Three things you always travel with?
“Toothbrush, deodorant, change of clothes.”

First thing on your Bucket List?
“Travel, but I have not decided where.”

Favourite pastime between draws at cashspiels?
“Napping, watching TV and playing football with my team.”

One thing most people don’t know about you?
“I work out whenever I have time, and if I have any time left over, I like to draw.”

What is the biggest misconception about curlers?
“That we are not athletic or don’t  have good physical conditioning.”

Your ideal shot to win an Olympic gold medal:
“A nice simple takeout or open draw, no need for anything fancy.”