Scotties Volunteers give Festival goers a taste of curling

The large crowd at the 15th annual International Shellfish Festival had their toes a tapping during JJ & Tim Chaisson’s musical performance Saturday afternoon under the big tent. Coined as Atlantic Canada’s biggest kitchen party it certainly did not disappoint delivering on world class seafood, live musical entertainment and highlighting Island hospitality at its finest. Scotties volunteers mingled with the welcoming crowd to promote the upcoming February event. Small happy faces melted hearts when they received red Scotties frisbees and matching logo tattoos. Many festival goers were looking forward to attending the Scotties and some new enthusiastic volunteers were recruited on the spot. In addition to being a major draw for off-Island visitors, the festival also attracted world-renowned chefs and world champion oyster shuckers who competed in several contests throughout the event. With crowds of around 14,000-15,000 going through the main festival tent over the weekend, Scotties volunteers made it known that soon the world renowned Heart Stop Lounge would be taking over the Charlottetown Civic Centre arena in February 2011 and invited everyone to join!