Women in Coaching: Amazing Opportunities

People always tell me things happen for a reason.  And when my playing career ended I didn’t know which direction I would be going.  Now, there is absolutely no question. I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be female, to be a coach and to be involved in a sport I love and have such a passion for.  The taxi driver who took me to the airport last Wednesday asked me what my job was.  And I told him.  And as I did I realized what a remarkable job I have and it would have taken a catastrophe to knock the smile off my face. It is only the middle of September and I have had a couple amazing opportunities already (actually I would have had four but thanks to my broken ribs I couldn’t make the first two!!).  A month ago I went to Edmonton and the National Training Centre to work with Head Coach Rob Krepps. It is always fun to work with Rob as we bounce a lot of ideas off each other.  We ran a few teams through the centre over the weekend.   It was a great chance for me to learn about the motion capture system (high tech advanced video technology system) and to get myself updated on the new happenings with technical and brushing.   I am starting to settle into my role as a CCA National Apprentice Coach. This past weekend I went again to Edmonton and to the National Training Centre.  Over 81 coaches, consultants and athletes gathered for an absolutely amazing and truly rewarding weekend.  You will likely hear a lot about the first 2010 La Releve camp. It is indeed a unique opportunity for our younger athletes to come together in a room full of world class experience and knowledge. Paul Webster and I are the La Releve Team Program Leaders.  What an honour to be part of and organize and lead our future World and Olympic Champions through a three day camp. Let me tell you a bit about the personnel that attended the weekend.  There were 56 athletes from across the country, 29 female and 27 male.  In addition it brought together 17 coaches and 8 consultants.  I am happy to report that out of the 17 coaches, 8 were female coaches.  And out of the consultants two were female.  HOW awesome!!!!  To all those women coaches out there, our numbers are improving!!!! Looking around the room, it never ceased to amaze me the talent and professionalism within the walls of the Saville Centre.  I never dreamed years ago that I would not only be rubbing shoulders with other National Coaches and World Renowned Champions, but working side by side with them teaching the athletes of the future. See you next time, Yours in coaching, Melissa Soligo