House Call: Ready, Set, Curl!

The longer you curl the more concerned you’ll be about hitting the broom. As in, “I would have totally made that shot if I hadn’t been a mile wide of the broom!” or “I couldn’t hit the broom tonight to save my life!” Hitting the broom begins with a good set up. If you get into the hack and you aren’t lined up properly with your target (the broom) the odds of you hitting that target when you slide out are incredibly slim. If you make several easy steps a part of your set up prior to sliding out you will increase your chances of being right up the stick significantly. Step 1 – Clean your rock as soon as the opposition is out of the hack. Once your rock is clean stand up and wait for instructions from your skip. Make sure you NEVER line up when you’re sitting in the hack. Step 2 – Once the shot is called step into the hack from behind. Think about placing the ball of your foot mid-way up the hill of the hack. You don’t want to bury it in the bottom of the hack and you don’t want it so high up you’re going to fall off the back. Somewhere in the middle will give you a nice solid push. Step 3 – Line your middle toe up with the skips broom. Think minute adjustments. Even if the skips broom is on the outside of the twelve-foot your hack foot should only be turned slightly. Step 4 – Once your foot is lined up properly squat down in the hack ensuring your knees, hips, shoulders and nose are all aligned with your hack foot. If you sneeze or the skip moves their broom don’t just wiggle around while squatting until you think you’re lined up, stand up and realign. Trying to realign while sitting in the hack is impossible as you cannot see where your foot is pointing. It is easy work these steps into your set up and the kudos from your skip will make the change worthwhile! Watch next week for more beginner tips.