Come on Canada! Out of the Arm Chair and Into Our Chairs!

Last February in Vancouver, Canada’s fascination with the grand old game of curling reached epic proportions. It was easily the most “talked about” event at the Olympics and, ultimately, the hottest ticket in town.

And that was only in Vancouver! Across the rest of the country, it became one of the most highly-viewed disciplines of the Games – close to 6 million viewers for the women’s gold medal final… eclipsed by almost 7 million for the men’s gold medal game. But what they witnessed on television was just a small taste of the total live experience that awaits at a typical event for Canada’s Season of Champions, where your price of admission includes:
  • Multiple games unfolding simultaneously before your eyes;
  • Unlimited access to Keith’s Patch – Canada’s party place – where food, fun, drinks and dancing are the order of the day… every day;
  • Organized autograph sessions with all the athletes;
  • Up Close & Personal interviews with players from past and present;
  • The opportunity to connect with people from across Canada who share the same affinity for a game that is growing younger every day.
It all adds up to one very simple conclusion: YOU GOTTA BE THERE! If watching on television has given you an inkling that you’re ready to become a full-fledged curling fan, check out the video below for all the proof you’ll need.