The incredible March Hare At The Patch

Along with polished and popular original tunes, March Hare has an uncanny knack of sounding just like your favourite artists.  Close your eyes and listen.  Is it – The Cars, No Doubt, Paul McCartney, Madonna, John Mellencamp, The B52s, Garth Brooks, CCR, Meatloaf?  You be the judge!  You won’t believe your ears! The incredible March Hare stars are Andy Smyth, Dan Hare, Ian Paxton and Kimberly Baskerville.  You will want to check out their latest CD.  March Hare takes great pride in their exceptional stage appearance and great sound.  This combined with a professional attitude guarantees a successful party because fans can’t help but get on the dance floor. Whether you’d like a good ol’ rock and roll show, some new music, country tunes, latin or disco flavors, a mega dance band or a costume show, or any combination – see their live show in the Keith’s Patch December 2nd and 3rd.  If you see them Thursday you’ll want to bring friends back Friday. If you missed them Thursday you DON’T WANT TO MISS THEM – Friday! To find out more information visit