Between the Sheets: Billboard Campaign a Huge Success!

It’s been an interesting 2 months since we started our search for sponsors to partner with our team. We took a unique approach by promoting ourselves through an outdoor advertising campaign on outdoor billboards around Calgary during October and November. The idea? Well it was born during a team brainstorming session. We wanted to get the message out that we were first of all looking for sponsors, because the majority assumed we had already secured one (or more). And second, we wanted to approach the sponsors partnership differently than we had in the past. We looked seriously at what we could offer them. What community initiatives could we support on their behalf. What could we do for them in return for funding. Its a good thought for any teams looking for sponsors. Yes, you can wear their crests, buy their products and eat at their establishments – but what more can you offer. The billboards, which ran in one-week segments at various locations around Calgary, received a lot of attention from interested sponsors across Canada. And the interest was amazing! We feel we have partnered with four incredible sponsors and we feel they are great addition to our silver medal team and we look forward to partnering in their community initiatives. It is a fairy tale ending to what originally looked like a very daunting task for our team. We are proud of our partners and look forward to having them join our team!