House Call: Courtesies to Remember

Curling is a gentlepersons sport. Sometimes it’s hard to remember it’s not just the other team you need to be courteous to. Here are a few things to remember and practice in the New Year:
  • Always Cancel Ice if you’re Not Going to Use it Sometimes teams will agree to play on an earlier draw or a team or individual will book practice ice then decide to cancel. I’m not saying you can never cancel a practice or change the time of a game. Just remember to let the club know so the ice can be used by someone else and/or so the ice techs don’t waste time prepping a sheet nobody’s going to curl on.
  • Expect to Contact Your Team if you’re the Skip Generally the club will email or call with draw times at the start of a go-round. They usually just call the skips. If you are the skip it then becomes your job to tell your teammates the draw times.
  • Be Aware of the Time When You’re Playing It’s easy to get wrapped up in a game but always remember there are likely curlers waiting to get on for the next draw and the ice techs need time to prep the ice after you get off. Some clubs have a buzzer that signifies you can play one more end after it (varies from club to club, be sure you know your club’s rules). Even if you’re the last game on the ice before the club closes remember there is generally a lot of work still to be done once the last game ends. Also by taking your sweet time you may be putting other workers at the club into over-time.
  • Always Mark Your W/L/T on the Board or Hand in Your Score Card The people who add up the points at your club, be it employees or volunteers, ARE NOT PSYCHIC! If you don’t mark up your W/L/T someone will have to chase you for the score or they won’t bother chasing you and you’ll just be out the points!
Watch next week for more beginner tips.