We All Cheered Last February! A plan for a mid-season recruitment campaign

Remember last February when curling took the world by storm? Remember when Canadians celebrated two gold medals and a silver medal? Remember when Canadians of all ages were turned on to your sport with record television audiences and unbridled enthusiasm? We all remember when we cheered last February! We are convinced many Canadians have taken up the sport this fall and the start of the 2010-2011 curling season. This is leading a membership boom in many facilities around the country. More importantly, we are also convinced that there is room for a mid-season recruitment campaign that will enhance your membership at a time in our season when the profile and awareness of the game is at its highest. We have mailed 20 posters to every facility in Canada including 10 Hurry Hard posters from last year’s campaign and 10 new You Cheered in February posters. While I have had a few managers ask that we send this type of poster in late summer / early fall, the intent of this campaign was to target Canadians while curling was wall to wall on TSN, while there was snow on the ground and our clubs were in full swing! Moreover, the CCA will air our new development commercials that will support your programme. Here they are on YouTube: Red Team (Johnny “the Hammer” Chow); Blue Team (Mary “Bullseye” Dobbin); Green Team (Robert “Clutch” Stevens). We want to encourage you to run a mid-season campaign using these posters as part of your communication piece. On the CCA’s web site www.curling.ca under Go Curling and then Leveraging 2010, you will find all the tools you will need to run this campaign, to convince the new customer to try Curling for the first time and then sign up for a novice instruction league.  The planning guide you will find at that link also has some valuable tips on mid or late season formats to actively engage the new customer. Keep following the Business of Curling blog for more “best practices” and neat ideas to make this a roaring success for you!! Additional Posters can be ordered by contact Danny Lamoureux at [email protected]